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Discuss your PLC and automation problems for Allen Bradley, GE, Omron, Mitsubishi, Modicon, Panel Views, RS View, ABB, Adept Robots, Cognex etc. You can also submit and download sample PLC code.

If our forums and knowledge base still hasn't got your PLC operational, we recommend contacting PDF Supply and Electric for PLC repair and replacement parts.

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Recent Articles
document How To Test And Troubleshoot Your IC693ALG392
Today we are going to be testing an IC693ALG392. This is a high density analog output module that runs either current or voltage output, 0 to...
14 Aug, 2015
document How To Troubleshoot A GE Fanuc IC693CPU331
Today we are going to be testing a 90-30 CPU331. Specific part number here is IC693CPU331, and as usual, the revision does not matter for the test...
14 Aug, 2015
document How To Troubleshoot GE Fanuc IC693CPU341
We are testing a 90-30 processor, the CPU341. I have a specific part number here, IC693CPU341 and like usual, the revision letter does not matter...
14 Aug, 2015
document How To Troubleshoot GE Fanuc IC693CPU351
We are testing a CPU351, 90-30 Series. I have a part number here, IC693CPU351. There is a revision letter "JT". You do not have to worry about...
14 Aug, 2015
document How To Troubleshoot GE Fanuc IC693CPU352 Using Proficy Machine Edition
We are going to be testing a 90-30 Series CPU. I have a specific part number here, IC693CPU352 and you do not have to worry about the letters that...
14 Aug, 2015

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document Free! RSLogix Micro Starter Lite Download
RSLogix 500 Now Available on Many people are surprised to learn that Allen-Bradley has a version of RSLogix 500 programming software that...
02 Jul, 2014 Comments: 2
document How to Symbol Program with Allen Bradley RS Logix 500
If you haven't already noticed, I am still young and "wet behind the ears" as the older PLC gurus might say. However one thing I noticed...
13 Oct, 2010 Comments: 3
document How to Connect to an Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500 using RS-232 (DF1)
If at the end of this article you still need a little more help, there is a link at the bottom to a video that shows this entire process explained in...
13 Oct, 2010 Comments: 5
document First Experience - Component PanelView
There has been a few of us wondering about the new Component PanelView, so being that I just had my first experience with one I figured I would share...
08 Sep, 2008 Comments: 10
document Programming Application - How to use Bit Shifts (BSL) in PLCs
I've been asked many times enough through e-mails, forum questions on how to use a bit shift. I use bit shifts in just about every program I write...
13 Oct, 2010 Comments: 5