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Discuss your PLC and automation problems for Allen Bradley, GE, Omron, Mitsubishi, Modicon, Panel Views, RS View, ABB, Adept Robots, Cognex etc. You can also submit and download sample PLC code.

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document How to Connect a Us Robotic External Modem to an Allen Bradley DF1 PLC
Connecting an external modem to a PLC can save a machine builder a ton of time and labor if that one day is required to troubleshoot your machine 1000 miles away. Allen Bradley offers modem kits that can be installed, however if your trying to save some money why not just use a plain old fashion...
13 Oct, 2010 Comments: 0
document Configuring a Allen-Bradley SLC 500 PLC
The Allen-Bradley SLC 500 System is a modular, small chassis-based class of programmable controllers integrating discrete, analog, and specialty I/O and peripheral devices in stand-alone electronics cabinets. By EngNet Engineering Network The System has become the choice of manufacturing...
29 Mar, 2012 Comments: 0
document RSLinx Cellular Modem Communications
Tips for Running RSLinx Classic to Controllers Connected via Cellular Modem Links Verify that you are running the latest version of RSLinx Classic available. The minimum version is 2.54. Click on the Configure Drivers icon , select the Ethernet Devices driver (not the EtherNet/IP driver) and...
06 Jul, 2009 Comments: 3
document How to Upgrade Allen Bradley Panel View Firmware
I don't typically working on older automation equipment, therefore I feel sheltered when it comes to trying to make older hardware work. In the case of needing to upgrade firmware would fall into this category. There are a few occasions when I get some practice. We had a customer call that needed...
13 Oct, 2010 Comments: 5
document How to use an OSF in a SLC 5/03
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 In reference to this topic: First: What do we REALLY mean when we say "start up'? And what do we REALLY mean when we say "power up"? If you'll pay careful...
13 Oct, 2010 Comments: 1
document How to Connect to an Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500 using RS-232 (DF1)
If at the end of this article you still need a little more help, there is a link at the bottom to a video that shows this entire process explained in this article. For some reason, Allen Bradley requires two software packages to communicate with its family of PLCs. You'll need a communication...
13 Oct, 2010 Comments: 5
document How to Symbol Program with Allen Bradley RS Logix 500
If you haven't already noticed, I am still young and "wet behind the ears" as the older PLC gurus might say. However one thing I noticed that separates us younger programmers from older generation PLC programmers is how they don't use symbols. Well most of them don't that I've personally...
13 Oct, 2010 Comments: 3
document How to use EXCEL for your Symbols and Descriptions in RS Logix 500
Many times enough the worst part about starting a new RS Logix 500 PLC project is typing in all the descriptions and symbols for all your bits and I/O. Luckily there is an easy way to go about doing this monotonous task. I use EXCEL to wiz through this busy work. I've created an EXCEL template...
08 Jan, 2015 Comments: 7
document Entering a Sequential List of IP Addresses in RSLinx
Ever wanted to add a long list of sequential list of IP addresses in RSLinx? Well you can now.1. Start run regedit [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARERockwellSoftwareRSlinxDriversAB_ETHAB_ETH-1Node2. Right Click on the folder then save a copy (Secret Handshake do this 2 times 1 to edit another to...
17 Aug, 2008 Comments: 0
document Configuring a Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC
The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix system differs from other logic control systems in that the ControlLogix system is capable of integrating an entire manufacturing environment, not just certain machines or lines within a factory. By EngNet Engineering Network The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix system...
15 May, 2012 Comments: 0