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Getting started with LSS 3.02 (Part 2)

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Last updated: 01 Sep, 2003


                     1. Press the END key.

                     2. Press the "N" key.

                     3. Data monitor screen will appear in lower

                        quarter of CRT.

                     4. Press CTRL + F5 for counter.

                    4a. Press CTRL + F6 for timer.

                     5. Type in number; RETURN.

                     6. Use arrow keys to highlight counter/timer.

                     7. Press the F9 key.

                    7a. Type in new number; RETURN.

                     8. ESC key to exit.

                              MULTIPLE RUNG CONTACTS


                     1. ON-Line or OFF-Line, must be in Write or

                        ON-Line EDIT Mode.

                     2. LSS will only allow 8 contacts per rung (line).

                     3. Type in 8 contacts, now the cursor is where the

                        coil/output should be.

                     4. Press F4 for a ninth contact.

                     5. Press RETURN.

                     6. The eighth and the ninth contacts will move to

                        the next rung (line), you can fill the screen this

                        way.  When done install a coil/output as normal.


                            SEARCH FOR A TIMER/COUNTER


                      1. ON-Line/OFF-Line.

                      2. Press the ESC key and type in 00000 ENTER

                      3. Press CTRL + F5 for counter or CTRL +F6 for


                      4. Type in the number, RETURN.


                            SEARCH FOR A COIL/CONTACT


                       1. ON-Line/OFF-Line

                       2. Press F4 key for Coil and F9 key for Contact.

                       3. Type in number, RETURN.


                              SEARCH FOR A FUNction


                         1. ON-Line/OFF-Line

                         2. Must be in READ Mode.

                         3. Press the ESC key 00000 ENTER.

                         4. Press F10.

                         5. Enter the FUNction number.

                         6. RETURN.

                               SEARCH FOR A LINE


                          1. ON-Line/OFF-Line

                          2. Press the ESC key.

                          3. Type in line number.

                          4. Press RETURN.



                           AUTO I/O TABLE REGISTRATION

                      1. ON-Line and should be in PROGRAM Mode.

                      2. Add Module to PLC.

                      3. Go to the I/O Table Function.

                      4. Press "C" to create an I/O Table.

                      5. PC will show the new I/O Table.

                      6. PGUP or PGDN to view racks.

                      7. Error will clear itself when PLC is

                         moved to MONITOR Mode.

                           MANUAL CREATION OF I/O TABLE


                      1. OFF-LINE; (C200H cannot do this).

                      2. Go to I/O Table Function.

                      3. Press "W".

                      4. Write the I/O Table; follow the status line

                         How to Write I/O Table.

                      5. Press F10 to EXIT.

                      6. Go ON-Line and Transfer the Program in PROGRAM


Article ID: 7
Last updated: 01 Sep, 2003
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