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How To Troubleshoot GE Fanuc IC697CPU782

Article ID: 111
Last updated: 18 Dec, 2014

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Today we're going to be testing a 90-70 processor, I have here a IC697CPU782 and it's in an IC697CHS750 five slot rack which is empty, we're just going to be testing the processor and I'm powering it with an IC697PWR711 power supply. What I want to do, I already have this powered up as you can see and the top LED is our OK LED which is solid and that's a good sign. If you're processor, you're doing this test, has a blinking light or no light at all then you definitely have a problem with this processor and this is something that typically look at here. We do repairs, we have exchange programs, re-manufactured parts and new parts so if that's something that interests you that you need, please see us at

Now that I am connected, or at least turned on I'm going to connect up to the processor. Before I do so, I want to draw your attention to the navigator, to the racks Rack 0 and Rack 1. Rack 0 should have a BEM713 in it in Slot #2 and Rack 1 should have a BEM711. This is just want you to put in the software, they don't actually have to be in the rack but without that information in there, the CPU won't go into RUN mode which is our ultimate goal. So, I'm going to go ahead and connect up to it and I'm monitoring how the port is working through the software here again, Proficy* Machine Edition GE. And now that I am connected up I do know that the port is working fine, I'm going to put it into program mode. Go to Target on your top menu bar and sub-category Online Commands and in that category Clear. Window will pop up with the ability to clear memory, all you want to do here is click the Controller Fault Table and I/O Fault Table. You don't want to click anything else, you don't want to click All Memory because you may lose something that you're trying to keep. Once that's done, I'm going to hit Download and Run which is the Download Information & Run Icon. Goal is to get it into Run Mode. Now, first thing it's going to ask you is what do you want to download to the controller, just Hardware Configuration and Logic. Click OK. You're not going to write anything to the flash memory and we're not going to do any I/O force values, hardware configuration and logic only. Once the build is complete, we're going to have LED's on if this is functioning properly. And we'll be able to test this toggle switch which we'll get to in a second here. Okay, so it's in run mode and I'll explain these LED's again. OK LED is top, middle LED is RUN run enabled, bottom LED is the I/O Input Output enabled. So, by testing this toggle switch this 3 position toggle switch, and this is fully on. When I go down one I want to shut off the I/O the I/O Disabled and that works. The next one is to disable the Run mode and that works also, both functions work. The next thing we want to test using the key and the top key barrel is that our feature is working, so I turn this on and of course that indicates to me that feature is working so that's the basic test. That's the basic test, that's about what we do. What I would recommend, if you think that you're having a problem with the processor, what we'd like to do is leave the processor running overnight or over a weekend, a couple days maybe three days and if the processor kicks itself out of run mode or falls out of run mode, you want to refer back to the Proficy* Machine Edition, go to Target and the sub-category would be Diagnostics. Your info-viewer will show a fault table once you click on that and it will tell you exactly what the problem is, why it fell out of run mode and if you still can't figure it out or if it's giving you faults that you don't understand, again this is something that we look at and repair and you can see us at .

I hope this was helpful,

Thank You.

Article ID: 111
Last updated: 18 Dec, 2014
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