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How To Troubleshoot GE Fanuc IC697CPX935

Article ID: 105
Last updated: 18 Dec, 2014

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Today we are going to be testing an 9070 processor. I have a part number here, IC697CPX935. You don't have to worry about the revision letters, it is going to be the same test for all of them. I'm going to go ahead and put this in the slot. The rack I'm using is an IC697CHS750 five slot rack, and the rack is empty since we will be just testing the processor with a IC697PWR711 power supply. Now what I'm going to do is remove this door so that you guys can better see what is on the inside. I am going to point out all the information that's on this door is also on our website if you do not have it. But I will also be pointing out what all of that means.

So, the first thing I'm going to do is connect up to it using this cable this is an AS693232SNP, it has LED's to show communication and I'm going to plug that into Port 3 which is also the Port 3 LED at the bottom right hand corner. I'm looking for communication, and that immediately hooked up. This top LED, top left is the OK LED. If you are unable to connect or if you do not have an OK LED then there is obviously a problem with your processor and you will not be able to follow this test from here forward. This is something that we commonly repair, we also have exchange programs for new modules or re-manufactured. You guys can contact us at for more information.

Now that I'm connected up, first thing that I want to do (the background I'm using Proficy* Machine Edition Software) is get into programmer mode. I want to clear memory faults which is in this particular case, I/O fault table and controller fault table. I do NOT want to clear the actual All Memory or Hardware Configuration and Logic because I don't want to ruin anything that is on the processor. I'm going to OK that. Once that's cleared, I'm going to click the Download and Run icon which is the download and information and run icon on the right. And then it's going to build a configuration of that in that empty slot rack power supply CPX. And when it asks you to download, you're just downloading Hardware Configuration and Logic that's all you want to download. Not permanent flash memory, no initial force value so just Hardware and Logic and OK that. Let this build. Once it's done building, it's going to get to our other point here which is to get the processor into run mode. The processor has to be able to get into run mode in order to be a good processor in order to be able to finish this test. And once we do get it into run mode, we are going to check the other ports and switches. So, I've gotten it into run mode you can see here these three LED's the top one as I said before is OK the second one down, middle one is the RUN LED and the third one is Input Output Enabled I/O Enabled. Once those are on, these are all functioning. There's a switch here, toggle switch that you can toggle through these to. 1) Shut off the I/O enabled, so it's disabled. 2) To close off RUN mode, now that that's off so we know this switch works. The second switch, of course, is the memory protect switch which is located on the top and the LED that corresponds to it is here. So I'm going to turn this on, it's testing to make sure that my memory protection is enabled or able to be enabled, and it is so that's working fine. The last thing I want to check is the ports one through three. So Port 3 is working right now we can see that. I'm going to unplug it, plug into Port #2 and now that it is blinking I know that this is working. Then the last port we want to plug into Port #1 it's a special cable and I have a part number here, IC693CBL316 on one end it has this looks like a phone jack that plugs into the processor and the other side has a serial port connection and I'm going to plug that into the computer and what I'm looking for here is that this top LED is blinking and immediately it starts communicating so we know this is good too. So it's still in Run mode. If this is a processor that you feel is there's a problem with what you want to do is let it run overnight over a weekend a couple days and you want to make sure that it stays in Run mode that the goal is to make sure that it stays in run mode if for any reason it fails and it falls out of run mode again in Proficy Machine Edition in your top menu bar in the middle there's one category called Target, you want to click that and towards the bottom there's a diagnostics screen and you can open up your diagnostic table  and your fault table. It will show you exactly why it fell out of run mode and maybe that will help you further.

I hope you found this video helpful.

Thank You.

Article ID: 105
Last updated: 18 Dec, 2014
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