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How to Convert GE 90-30 LogicMaster 90 Programs to VersaPro

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Last updated: 13 Oct, 2010

If at the end of this article you still need a little more help, there is a link at the bottom to a video that shows this entire process explained in this article.


Ok call me old school, but I still use VersaPro only because I am customer orientated. Since one of our main customers uses GE 90-30 series PLCs and haven't upgraded to Machine Edition software yet, I am sort of stuck using VersaPro for a while to support their needs. There is nothing wrong with VersaPro, it's just funny for me to write this article about converting from LM90 to VersoPro when Machine Edition software is the latest and greatest from GE.


The conversion process it pretty easy. There is a nice wizard in VersaPro that you can whip through this task pretty easily. However there are some ground rules you should know first. You'll also need to know once you download your program in VersaPro, you won't be able to go back online with LM90, unless you re-download the program from LM90 back into the PLC. Here are some basic steps to guide you.


Step One:

Before converting your LM90 program to VersaPro, make sure you can go online with your PLC in LM90 and go "Logic Equal". This insures what you have on your computer is the most updated ladder logic in the PLC. Once you have confirmed you are logic equal your ready for step two.


Step Two:

Make sure your PLC CPU has the correct firmware to support VersaPro. It won't do you any good to convert your program if your CPU won't support VersaPro complied ladder programs. Check the firmware tables and make sure your CPU module matches the minimum firmware revisions. Please make sure you read this FAQ at GE


I use 90-30 series a lot, so here is the same table posted at GE's website. There is also a table in the online help in the VersaPro software, so you'll always have a reference even if you're away from the Internet.


Series 90-30 CPU 































To check the firmware revision click on PLC Control and Status in LM90 to view the firmware revision.

In VersaPro, click on View PLC Status and choose Status Info.

Step Three:

Create a folder for your LM90 program on your computer. Put your LM90 program in that folder. Also create another new folder for your VersaPro program to be placed in for the wizard.

Step Four:

Open up VersaPro and click on File Open New Folder. Create a new VersaPro folder. Point the wizard to the new folder you created for your VersaPro program to be converted.



Step Five:

Choose Import from Logicmaster 90 from the wizard menu.



Step Six:

Choose the location of the LM90 folder and program you created in Step Three.



Step Seven:

Convert the program!



Step Eight:

Check for any errors during your convert process. You never know but if you run Versaro with the info window open you can view everything that happened during the conversion process.



Once your program is converted, you won't be able to go online with your program just yet. You'll need to connect to the PLC like normal in VersaPro, and then download your program. This will overwrite the old LM90 ladder and replace with VersaPro ladder files inside the CPU. Once you have downloaded your newly converted VersaPro program you should be able to see "Logic Equal" in VersaPro.


If you need help connecting to your PLC for the first time in VersaPro you can read this article here:


Remember, once you have downloaded your program from VersaPro, you won't be able to go online with LM90 anymore, unless you re-download from LM90 back into the CPU therefore replacing the VersaPro ladder files with the original LM90 ladder files. I want to make sure you know that because some of my customers seem to think the two programs can go online with the same CPU. This is not true.


Of course, I assume Machine Edition has basically the same wizard to convert from VersaPro to Machine Edition. I guess I'll save that for another article some other day.


Please see my Desktop Video Capture of this Tutorial

Article ID: 69
Last updated: 13 Oct, 2010
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Vinod | 13 Nov, 2004 12:00 AM
Dear Sir,

We have installed 90-30 GE Fanuc series PLC in 1996 on Electroplating equipment, The problem we are encountered is as follows, one of the programme Error message is "" Incomplete rung Use HHP to correct"" Request your help in correcting it. Is converting it to Versapro will help?
Posted: 13 years 6 months ago   | Permalink
bob wolff | 17 Sep, 2005 12:00 AM
don't waste time using the GE 90-30. Convert to something with actual software designed by intelligent lifeforms. I would recommend anything by AB not because the HW the best, but the support and SW is by far miles ahead of the competition.
Posted: 12 years 7 months ago   | Permalink
Nancy | 02 Dec, 2005 12:00 AM
I am trying to write a program using a GE FANUC IC200UDR010 PLC, using VersaPro. I am turning on power supplies in sequence and then will have to turn them off in sequence with a delay between them. Turn on the 15V, wait 1 second and then turn on 20V. Then revese when I use a 2nd switch to turn them off. I have been attempting to use a timer or a downcounter to do this. Could you please send me a sample program?

Posted: 12 years 5 months ago   | Permalink

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How to Connect to a GE 90-30 PLC with VersaPro     How to Import Variables Direct from EXCEL to GE Cimplicty ME