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How to Transfer Files on a Cognex Vision System with FTP

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Last updated: 13 Oct, 2010

How many times have you tried to save your *.job files in a Insight Cognex camera using the PC Host software supplied? Sometimes it can be cumbersome and clunky to use the interface and understand what system you're on or where your files are being saved. Did you know that that all Insight Cognex cameras have a built in FTP server that is running? You can use this FTP server to connect to the camera with your favorite FTP software or Internet Explorer if you aren't familiar with FTP software or don't have it available at the time.

While browsing the camera online in FTP view, you'll also get to see some files that normally can't be saved using Insight PC Host software. A couple of the files are called proc.set and According to Cognex, the proc.set file contains the camera settings such as serial, discrete I/O, etc. This is kinda of a nice feature to be able to backup these settings in case you forgot how you set your I/O or what comments you assigned to certain I/O points. You'll also be able save or restore images that the camera saved last just as you can in PC Host software. The file contains information that you might have put in the host table.

he easiest way to connect to the Insight Camera is open up Internet Explorer. In the ADDRESS bar of Internet Explorer, type the IP address of the camera using the ftp:// designator instead of http://. If you're using an Insight 3000 or higher with an SVGA screen and don't know the IP address of the camera, you can turn the unit off then back on, watch the boot up screen of the camera closely, soon the assigned IP address will be displayed during the boot sequence. With my camera I have set a fixed IP address of So I would have typed in Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer understands this as a ftp connection and soon it will connect to the camera. Once you have connected, a user name and password screen will appear.

The default "admin" password the Insight Camera is blank, no password at all. So at this point you can just click on Login using "admin" as the user name. Of course, if you have set the admin password, enter your set admin password you assigned in PC Host. Internet Explorer will then login you into the camera.

Once you have login into the camera and can "browse" files just like any other Windows Explorer interface. You'll be able to drag and drop files from the camera to your desktop, or if you need to restore *.job files you can drag and drop them from your backup location into the camera by dropping files into Internet Explorer's window.


If your old fashion and you want to use FTP software, I'd recommend downloading WS FTP LE. This software is easy to get and last I checked free to use. Connecting to the camera is no different than connecting to any other FTP site. You just enter your IP address into the host field and using the login name of "admin" or whatever user name you have setup in the camera that has read and right access when logged in. Generally if you have already setup your application using PC Host under the user setup you could possible create different user names that only have read access while using FTP. This could be useful for if your cameras are connected to a LAN while giving your IT department a login that only has read FTP access. This login account could be used with an automated LAN script or batch file to backup your *.job files in all your cameras in your entire LAN, and at the same time protect you from the IT department accidentally uploading files instead of saving job files for backup.



Article ID: 31
Last updated: 13 Oct, 2010
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