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Chris | 05 Jan, 2004 12:00 AM
I asked Fanuc about WinTPE but they told me that you could not transfer comments. Have you do this yourself? Tried to transfer comments from one robot to the next robot using the WinTPE? That sounds like a really good idea if it would work.
Posted: 14 years 4 months ago   | Permalink
chrrif | 05 Jan, 2004 12:00 AM
You expressed in your artical some difficulties in editing comment with the teach pendant. Is correct that you spend more time in editing than debogging your program but there is an easier way if you are familiar with the commands and the programming.
You edit your program in wintpe and after transfer it to your controller RJ-3. this way all your comments should be easier to type in your computer.
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Chris | 11 Feb, 2004 12:00 AM

Well I don't want to jump the gun too early and bash on Fanuc, because right now Fanuc is trying to help with these issues that I had, so I'll probablly revise this article with corrections. I don't want to have an article posted that is not truthful. So I'll have to give Fanuc an A+ for coming back after the fact to trying and make it right with me and this project. I'll revise this article once I gather all the information from Fanuc. As of now 2-11-2004 Fanuc still owes me some more information about the problems above.
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JR | 11 Feb, 2004 12:00 AM
I am starting on my second intergration of an Arcmate 100/ RJ2 controller, and I am glad to hear that all the problems I have had with product support are not personal, but across the board. The product is magnificent, but the support and some spare parts (Honda connectors with intgeral cable)are non-existent.
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Jamie | 30 Mar, 2006 12:00 AM
I also just finished my design with 2 of these robots. Your right about the I/O. Then manual is just very poorly written. I did use PNP inputs, but I'm fairly sure that the outputs are NPN (sinking) only. The techs are wiring them up next week and I'll start programming them in a couple of weeks. The CRC website edocs were really difficult to navigate. I was not at all impressed with the edocs on the crc website. Tech support from Fanuc is terrible compared to other robot manufactures.
Posted: 12 years 1 month ago   | Permalink
Doyle Cooper | 06 Jul, 2006 12:00 AM
I have found wiring issues a nightmare as well.HMI interface is also hard to understand but seems to work well.I found that just using basic I/O and HMI interface is limiting to your project abilities but will work.Wish I had of found your article at beginning of my project
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Doyle | 29 Nov, 2006 12:00 AM
Just wanted to update my comments about LR Mate from 7/6/2006. After much discussion with Fanuc Integration support all of my issues where fixed.I think Fanuc has the best Technical support of all the robot makers that I've dealt with.As always if you don't get the training and read the manuals you will have issues.Integration and controls isn't suppose to be easy or everyone would be doing it.My fault was lack of knowledge on setup.
Posted: 11 years 5 months ago   | Permalink
Jon | 29 Jan, 2012 12:00 AM
Does anyone know of a source for the End effector electrical connector? I'm using a LR Mate 200iB for a school project and cant seem to find any sources for that round connector. According to some documents I have come across it may be a Daiichi Denshi Kogyo JMLP2524M but I can't find anyone who actually sells that. The one on my actual robot has 12 pins. Thanks
Posted: 6 years 3 months ago   | Permalink

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