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Marty Hosey | 20 Sep, 2004 12:00 AM
It's not as snazzy as a PLC controlled logic driven modem caller, but Sixnet makes this little device:
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Harvey Babb | 19 Oct, 2004 12:00 AM
A simpler way would be to ""Go Retro"" and use one of the relay outs on the PLC to ""Pulse Dial"" the number. (All US Telco lines and most PBX's still support this protocol.)
Connect the phone line to the N.O. relay contacts through a 1K 1 Watt resistor. To dial, turn the contact ""On"" for 1 second, then start pulsing the output ""Off"" for as many times as the digit of the number (A ""5"" would pulse ""Off"" 5 times, a ""2"" two times, a ""0"" is ten pulses). The ""Off"" pulse should be about 50 mSec long, as should the delay between pulses. Pulse train should Pause for 1 second between digits (output ""On"") and then hold ""On"" after finished dialing for as long as you want to hold the line.
(If you want to get fancy, you could transformer or capacitor couple an audio signal in as well; say a cheap radio playing some really horrible station.)

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Anonymous | 25 Feb, 2005 12:00 AM
I love to us plc's when ever possible also. but in this case it seems to me that you could have used an off the shelf phone dialer, like say a radio shack device and connected it directly to the buzzer relay. the dialer stores a voice message and three phone numbers. it is activated with a dry contact.
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Francisco Fuenzalida | 04 May, 2005 12:00 AM
I prefer to send a email to my cell phone using Rs View Messenger, it includes details of what kind of alarm is happening, and it takes less of one minute to have the information in your phone. If it fail and the alarm remain unacknowledge to much time i send a fax to home.
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A Timmiss | 16 May, 2005 12:00 AM
Very interesting article.
I have done something similar in our moulding shop but using SMS text messages to alert our technicians.
The advantage of texts is that you can send different messages depending upon the fault.

Excellent Article
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Chris Elston | 18 May, 2005 12:00 AM
I am sure there are allot better ways to send information to a cell phone. RS Messenger would certainly do the trick, however don't forget that this was a fly by the seat of my pants project, and I got my PLC on eBay. I made do with what I had without purchasing additional software and I learned something along the way. Isn't ASCII fun?
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Danilo | 18 Nov, 2006 12:00 AM
Can I use my lab-top computer instead separate modem?? I have rx logix 500 instaled in it,


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