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How To Troubleshoot GE Fanuc IC697CPX782

Hello and Welcome to

Today we are going to be testing a 9070 processor, I have a part number here: IC697CPX782. The revision letters do not matter. This is actually just a simple test on the processor alone. I am going to go ahead and plug this in and for this test I am going to remove the door just so that you guys can better see inside here The information that is on this door can either be found on our website or I will be going over what it all means during the test.
Go ahead and power that up: The processor is in an IC697CHS750 rack, it is a five slot rack, it is empty, and it is being powered by a IC697PWR711 power supply. I am going to go ahead and connect using this cable here, it is an AS693232SNP cable, has LEDs that blink that shows the communication. I've plugged into Port 3 so naturally I am going to be looking at the Port 3 LED blinking to make sure that it is working, and it is, I amm connected up and if you are unable to connect to it then there is obviously a problem with your processor (CPX782) and this is something that we commonly repair here at PDF Supply. We also have exchange programs with used parts, new parts, and re-manufactured parts that we can ship very quickly. So, if you can not get past this part  of the test, you can contact us at: Alright, so the next thing I am going to do is clear any controller faults or I/O faults. You do NOT want to clear any other information from your processor, you do NOT want to clear all memory or any hardware configuration, logic, or anything like that. Just controller logic and I/O fault. Alright, and then once I have done that I've checked to make sure that the slots are empty and I'm going to go ahead and download and run. I'm only downloading hardware configuration and logic, nothing else, nothing to the permanent flash memory. Just so you know, I'm using Proficy* Machine Edition in the background here, GE software. Once this build is completed, it will allow me to get the processor into run mode, which is the goal here. I want to make sure that the processor can go into run and it has. These LED's these three LED's are, the first one is processor that's OK you know the important one from the beginning, second one is RUN or RUN mode and the third one is I/O enabled that's Inputs Outputs enabled. There's also a toggle switch that you can use right below the LED's to turn on and off so we want to make sure that that's working. I/O is disabled, processor out of run mode, back in run mode, and I/O enabled, so this works fine. Second thing I want to test as far as switches are concerned and LED's is that the memory protect switch works. Now that I've turned that to the ON position I see that we have a solid memory protect switch and that's good. And the last thing I'm going to check is the 3 ports so we know Port 3 works, it's communicating. I'm going to plug into Port 2 that'll be the middle LED on the right side and you see that that's blinking and communicating and talking so we know we're good there. And the last one is a different cable, it's a little bit more special, I have a part number here: IC693CBL316. Looks like a phone jack on one side and on the other side is a serial connection that's going to go to my computer. So, I'm going to go ahead and plug that in on the back of the computer and when I do I should have communication out of Port #1 blinking LED and I do. So that's a complete test, now if you still feel like the processor is problem processor you might want to leave it running overnight or over a weekend and what you're trying to is make sure the processor stays in run mode over a few days on its own. If it doesn't, then what you want to do is go back into your Proficy Machine Edition, go to the top menu bar, Target hit the drop down and then there's actually Diagnostic you open the diagnostics table should tell you what happened why it fell out of run mode and if you still can't figure it out again this is something that we commonly look at.

I hope you found this video helpful.

Thank You.