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How To Troubleshoot GE Fanuc IC697CPU780

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Today we're going to be testing a 90-70 processor. I have here an IC697CPU780, and I have it in an IC697CHS750 five slot rack. The rack is empty because we're just going to be testing the processor. And it's being powered by an IC697PWR711 power supply. So, the first thing I'm going to do is turn the power supply on. And I have an OK light. This is the top LED. If this light on your processor is off or it's blinking or you have some sort of blinking pattern, then there's definitely something wrong with your processor and you won't be able to follow this test. This is something that we typically look at here and we do offer exchange programs, re-manufactured and new units. So, if that's something that interests you, please see us at

So, now that it's powered up and I'm connected (keep in mind there's only one port that we can test on this processor, unlike the other ones) we are going to connect up to it. There's no LED that tells us it's communicating so we're just going to go by what we see in Proficy* Machine Edition, which is what I'm using GE Software. I'm connected and I'm going to put myself into program mode and once I've done that, go to Target > Online Commands, and Clear. And this is a memory clearing selection. Now, the ONLY thing you want to clear is Controller Fault Table and I/O Fault Table, nothing else because you could risk losing something that you're trying to save. Hit OK. Once you've successfully done that, go ahead and click Download and Run which is the download information and run button in one. The only thing that we're going to build here is Hardware Configuration and Logic, we are not going to do any force values and we're not going to write anything to the flash memory. Again, this is just a simple test and our goal here is to try to get our processor into run mode. That's what we need to do to see that processor is functioning properly. Now, incidentally this particular processor for CPU780 is required that you have an RCM711 that's to the right of the processor and under rack 1 a BEM711. So, just keep it in mind they don't actually have to be there but you need to tell the navigator that these are in the slots in the rack. Without that you won't be able to get it into Run mode. So now that I'm done with the build I am in Run mode and I want to first test this point switch. The LED's are as follows: top one is OK, middle one is Run, and the bottom one is I/O Input Output enabled and it's enabled when it's illuminated as you see here. When I take it down one notch it shuts off the I/O so that the I/O is disabled and then down one more notch, the Run is disabled, so that switch works perfectly. Next of course is the memory protect switch on the top, once we turn it the LED comes one, telling us that the memory protect is in fact working so we're good with that. And that's pretty much the whole test, so what we would recommend if you think you're having problems with this processor is that you leaving it running over night or a couple days over a weekend, whatever time that you have and leave it run mode and when you come back you're hoping to see that it's still in run mode. If for any reason it comes out of Run mode, what you want to do is connect up to it using your Proficy* Machine Edition again, go to Target on the top menu Diagnostics and you click on that and in your info viewer you're going to have a fault table pop up and it's going to tell you why you came out of run mode.

So if you still can't figure out what's wrong with it, again we do look at these processors all the time and repair them. We would be happy to help.

Thank You