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How to find the Fuel Door on Your Rental Car

I know what your thinking. What's this have to do with automation? If you're like me you travel a lot. You probably find yourself test-driving a lot of cars by the way of rental cars. Life would be simpler if they would just put the gas tank fuel door on the same side of the car for every make and brand in the world.


How many times do you find yourself opening the door right before you pull up to the gas station to top of your rental car looking for that fuel door? This is another one of those tips that seems so stupid, but after I surveyed about twenty people and ask them how they find the fuel door without opening the door or straining your neck looking in the side mirrors only one person out of twenty knew the answer. Do you know the answer?


The answer is staring you in the face when you get in your car every day. You'll find that most new cars have an arrow next to fuel icon in your instrument cluster by the fuel gauge. Go ahead take a look. You'll find the arrow pointing in the direction that indicates which side the fuel door is located. Granted some older cars don't have this arrow, I know because I have an older 1988 car that is missing this feature. In the past month, I've been in two rental cars, two company cars, my own newer model van and all have the arrow pointing which side the fuel door is located. And I promise you, they are all pointing in different directions.


Well this seems silly I'll admit but ask around your office. Have a little fun and take a survey yourself. I thought this would be helpful after traveling twice with two different people in rental cars and then there they go opening the door while driving up to the pump to top off the rental car before we fly home.