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Reader Asks: How do I get to the drivers in RSLogix 500?

MY QUESTION,Using RSlogix 500, Under select processor type, In the box communication settings diver, I do not have AB DF/1 ,AB_ETH, AB_KTX CARD. How do i get them?


Not sure exactly what you mean here but let me see if I can shed some light on AB PLS. This is a quick crash course. Later I plan on a more detailed explanation with better pictures.

Step #1.

Start RS Linx.

RS Linx is the first application to start and get communicating with your PLC. You'll want to configure a driver. Once you have configured your driver and see that you are communicating with your PLC and your laptop in RS Who, now your ready to start RS Logix 500. Go ahead and minimize the window for RS Linx and leave it minimized.

Step #2

Start RS Logix 500

Now you can start RS Logix 500 and open up your PLC application. I always for the FIRST time recommend these steps.

Use Comms>System Comms menu to configure RS Logix 500 to talk to your PLC. This will bring up a mini window of your RS Linx application that is running in the back ground. This will give you a choice to download, upload or go online. Once online with your PLC, click on SAVE. This will also save the driver settings in RS Logix 500 for that PLC application.