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RSLinx Cellular Modem Communications

Tips for Running RSLinx Classic to Controllers Connected via Cellular Modem Links
  1. Verify that you are running the latest version of RSLinx Classic available. The minimum version is 2.54.
  2. Click on the Configure Drivers icon , select the Ethernet Devices driver (not the EtherNet/IP driver) and click Add New:

  3. Click OK to accept the default driver name (AB_ETH-x).
  4. Enter in the IP address of each controller followed by a colon and specify which Ethernet protocol to use for communications. For PLC-5E and SLC 5/05 processors, specify “v4” for Client Server Protocol version 4. For all other RA devices, specify “EIP” for EtherNet/IP. If you don’t specify a protocol, the driver will try “v4” first, and if that fails, then try “EIP”. However, because of the delays associated with a cellular modem link, RSLinx may not be able to determine the correct protocol to use, which will result in communication failure.  Click on Add New to add additional station IP addresses.

  5. Click Apply and then OK.
  6. Select CommunicationsConfigure CIP Options and modify the parameters on the first tab to match the following:

  7. Select the second tab and modify the parameters to match the following:

  8. Click OK, minimize RSLinx and verify that you can communicate with the controller(s) from your PC using PING.
  9. Maximize RSLinx again and click on the RSWho icon , then right click on the AB_ETH-1 driver and select Properties:

  10. Click on the Advanced Browse Settings tab, check Use custom browse settings and, as a starting point, increase the poll timeout from 3000 to 10000 milliseconds, the Poll rate for known stations from 2000 to 30000 milliseconds, and decrease the Maximum concurrent packets to this network from 3 to 1:

  11. Click Apply and then OK.

  12. Click on the AB_ETH-1 network and verify that communications is successfully established with the controller(s).

  13. Close RSWho and minimize RSLinx Classic. You may now open and run your application software that communicates with the controller(s), such as RSLogix or RSView.