National Instruments

National Instruments PCI Series  PCI-6122

Featured with High-Speed Digital Waveform Generation and Acquisition Capabilities, the National Instruments PCI-6122 is an S Series Multifunction I/O Device. This device comes with four analog inputs (with a 16-bit, dedicated ADC per channel), eight Digital I/O lines, and two 24-bit timer/counters. The function and direction of each digital terminal are individually controllable.
The NI PCI-6122 allows the use of each digital I/O line as a static digital input or digital output line. Static DIO lines can be used to control or monitor digital signals. In this configuration, all samples and updates of digital I/O lines are timed through software.
The analog input circuitry comes with an instrumentation amplifier that can attenuate or amplify an AI signal to provide you with the maximum possible resolution of the ADC. The ADC performs the crucial task of digitizing the AI signal by transforming the supplied analog voltage into a digital number.
This device comes equipped with an input FIFO buffer that can handle 16 MS. The NI PCI 6122 can acquire samples at a rate of 500 kS/s/channel. In its default configuration, the device is delivered with integrated overvoltage protection enabled on analog inputs. The overvoltage protection setting for AI+ and AI- is ±36 V.
This model supports programmed I/O, interrupts, and DMA data transfer methods. The scatter-gather method is utilized in DMA (direct memory access) mode. For digital I/O, 2044 bytes sized FIFO buffers are provided.
SKU PCI-6122
Manufacturer National Instruments
Series PCI Series

Technical Specifications

  • Part Number: 779407-01
  • Electrical Signal Measured: Voltage
  • Power Input: Bus Powered
  • Front Connection: SCSI


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