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AB Programmable Controllers Solutions that are the Industry Standard Allen Bradley controls are the standard from the PLC designed 30 years ago to the more current technology of rugged, scalable Programmable Automation Controllers.


Product Number Description
1785-L40B AB PLC-5/40 4xDH+/RIO Cntrlr. 48K Word SRAM 1785L 1785L4 1785L40 1785L40B
1785-L30B AB PLC-5/30 Stnd. Cntrlr. 32K Word SRAM 1785L 1785L3 1785L30
1785-L26B AB PLC-5/20 Procsr. 16K Word SRAM 1785L 1785L2 1785L26
1785-L20E AB EtherNet/IP PLC-5/20 Cntrlr. 16K Word 1785L 1785L2 1785L20
1785-L20C15 AB ControlNet 1.5 Cntrlr. 16K Word SRAM 1785L 1785L20 1785L20C 1785L20C1
1785-L20C AB PLC-5/20C ControlNet 1.25 Cntrlr. 16K 1785L 1785L2 1785L20
1785-L20B AB PLC-5/20 Cntrlr. 16K Word SRAM 1785L 1785L2 1785L20
1785-L11BC Allen Bradley PLC-5 Processor Module 1785-L11B/C
1785-L11B AB PLC-5/11 Cntrlr. 8K Word SRAM 1785L 1785L1 1785L11
1785-KE AB PLC-5 DH+/RS-232-C Comm. Intrfc. Mod. 1785K
1785-KA5 1785 Data HWY Module Plus Communication Adapter PLC5 Allen Bradley PLC 1785KA5
1785-KA3 AB PLC-2 Data Highway Plus Comm. Adptr. Mod. 1785K 1785KA
1785-KA AB Data Highway-to-Data Highway Plus Intrfc. Mod. 1785K
1785-ENET AB PLC-5 EtherNet/IP Expn. Mod. for PLC-5 Proc. 1785E 1785EN 1785ENE
1785-CH0RAPM1 AB Sngl. Rem. Accs. Pag. Mdm. Kit 1785C 1785CH 1785CH0 1785CH0R 1785CH0RA 1785CH0RAM
1785-CH0RAPM AB Dbl. Rem. Accs. Pag. Mdm. Kit 1785C 1785CH 1785CH0 1785CH0R 1785CH0RA
1785-BEM AB PLC-5 Back-Up Comm. Expn. Mod. 1785B 1785BE
1785-BCM AB PLC-5 Back-Up Comm. Mod. 1785B 1785BC
1784-PKTX Interface Card PCI BUS Scanner
1784-KTCX Bus Interface Card BNC Connectors ControlNet 1784-K PLC5
1784-KT2 AB Micro Channel, Programming Interface 1784-KT2 1784 KT2 AB 1784-KT
1772-MJ EPROM Module Memory PLC2 PLC5 Allen Bradley 1772MJ
1772-LZ PLC2 Mini Processor Module 1772LC AB PLC-5
1772-LXP AB Mini-PLC2 Processor Module Programmable Controller 1771LXP
1772-LXD CPU Module Processor w/ no Power Supply


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