Allen-Bradley PLC-5

The Allen Bradley PLC 5 with 1771 I/O is made up of a rack, power supply and CPU. The most common CPU used in the 1785 Series which can include an Ethernet connection as well as memory.


Product Number Description
1771-OZC AB 8 pt No Contact Output Module AB PLC5 1771OZC
1772-LWP PLC-2 Mini Processor Module with Power Supply Allen Bradley PLC-5 Module 1772LWP
1771-IFC Analog Input Module 12 Bit - AB PLC-5 1771-I
1771-A4B I/O chassis for I/O modules, 16 slots 1771A4B
1771-A3B I/O chassis for 1771A3B I/O modules, 12 slots, Rack mount
1771-A2B AB 1771 I/O chassis for I/O modules, 8 slots
1784-KT2 AB Micro Channel, Programming Interface 1784-KT2 1784 KT2 AB 1784-KT
1785-LT4 Module Processor Memory
1772-LW Mini Processor Without Power Supply
1772-LXD CPU Module Processor w/ no Power Supply
1771-OYC Module Output
1771-KA3 Module Adapter for Communication Data
1784-PKTX Interface Card PCI BUS Scanner
1785-V30B Allen Bradley PLC-5/V30 Controller 32K Max User Memory Words 1785-V30 1785-V3 1785-V 1785V30B...
1785-V80B Allen Bradley PLC-5/V80 Processor Module 100K Max User Memory Words 1785-V80 1785-V8 1785-V...
1772-LV AB Mini Processor PLC-2 /15 CPU Module 1772LV PLC Allen Bradley Module
1771-ISC PLC5 Multiplexer Input Module DC (5v) MUX Input Programmable Controller Allen Bradley Module...
1771-OFC AB Analog Output (12 Bit) Module Allen Bradley PLC5 1771OFC 1771OF 1771O
1785-LT AB PLC-5 Processor Module 1785-LT 1785-L 1785LT
1771-OY AB PLC-5 Output Module Reelay 1771-OY 1771-O 1771OY
1771-OGC AB PLC-5 Output Module 1771-OGC 1771-OG 1771-O 1771 OGC
1771-ODC AB Output Module Isolated PLC-5 1771-ODC 1771-OD 1771-O 1771 ODC
1771-IDC AB 1771-IDC Isolated Input Module PLC-5 1771-ID 1771-I
1771-DMC AB Control PLC-5 Module 1771-DM 1771-D 1771


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