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GE Fanuc PLCs allow total migration from the original General Electric Series Six PLC to the Series 90-30, Series 90-70 and finally to the Rx3i Rx7i Pacsystems. GE Fanuc programming software was formally known as Cimplicity but now uses the family name of Proficy Machine Edition as well as PE for the HMI. Intellution FIX32, iFix and i Historian were all converted to the GE Fanuc family of software named Proficy.


Product Number Description
IC695PSA140 120/240VAC, 125VDC Multipurpose Power Supply IC695P IC695PS IC695PSA
IC695PSD040 RX3i 24VDC power supply, 40 watts. IC695P IC695PS IC695PSD
IC695PSD140 Multipurpose Power Supply is suitable for use in load-sharing and redundancy application. IC695P...
IC695RMX228 Rx3i Control Memory Exchange
IC695SPF010 1000 Base LX SFP Rx3i PacSystems
IC697ACC701 Quantity of 2 batteries per Package Battery Lithium 3V 1400MAH IC697A IC697AC IC697ACC
IC697ACC721 Rack Fan
IC697ACC724 Rack Fan
IC697ACC744 90-70 Rack Cooling Fan Assembly 24 VDC
IC697ADC701 90-ADS Cimplicity Series 90-70 PLC
IC697ALG230 Analog Input, Voltage/Current, 8 Channels
IC697ALG320 Analog Output, Voltage/Current, 4 Channels
IC697ALG321 Analog Input 90-70 IC697ALG32 IC697ALG3 IC697ALG IC697AL IC697A
IC697ALG440 The analog system IC697ALG440 provides you with a base converter and expander components. 16...
IC697ALG441 IC697ALG441 - a system that can receive of around 120 inputs. This component also has a fast...
IC697ALG444 GE Fanuc 16 Channels, Analog Input Expander, Gold plated terminal
IC697BEM711 I/O Bus Receiver IC697B IC697BE IC697BEM
IC697BEM713 Bus Transmitter FOR I/O EXPANSION IC697B IC697BE IC697BEM
IC697BEM721 I/O Link Interface Module for the Series 90-70 IC697B IC697BE IC697BEM
IC697BEM731 Series 90-70 Genius I/O Bus Controller
IC697BEM733 Series 90-70 Genius Remote I/O Scanner
IC697BEM734 Alspa Bus Controller I/O
IC697BEM735 Alspa Remote I/O Scanner
IC697BEM741 FIP Bus Controller IC697B IC697BE IC697BEM


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