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Genius I/O
GE Genius I/O Blocks are a distributed I/O system for Bus Controllers including blocks such as IC660BBA100 IC660BBA101 IC660BBA104 IC660BBA106 IC660BBA020


Product Number Description
IC660BBS100 115Vac/125Vdc Isolated I/O Block, 8 Circuit IC660B IC660BB IC660BBS
IC660BBS101 115Vac/125Vdc Isolated Block IC660B IC660BB IC660BBS
IC660BBS102 GENIUS Block 115Vac/125Vdc IC660B IC660BB IC660BBS
IC660BBS103 Block 115Vac/125Vdc Low Leak Isol I/O, w/o Failed Sw Diag, 8 Ckt
IC660BBS104 Genius Block
IC660BCM501 Hand-Held Monitor Battery Charger IC660B IC660BC IC660BCM
IC660BLM507 GE Fanuc Genius Block Puller, Handle IC660BLM
IC660BPM100 Block PowerTRAC 115Vac/125Vdc Power
IC660BPM500 Hand-Held Monitor Battery Pack IC660B IC660BP IC660BPM
IC660BRD020 24/48 VDC Source Block
IC660BSM021 Bus Switching Module 24/48Vdc IC660B IC660BS IC660BSM
IC660BSM120 Bus Switching Module 115Vac/125Vdc IC660B IC660BS IC660BSM
IC660EBA020 IC660BBA020 (Electronic Assembly) has: independent scaling, Fault reports, selectable Input...
IC660EBA021 The Genius IO IC660EBA021 will monitor temperature inputs from Resistive Temperature Detectors...
IC660EBA023 IC660EBA023 features (Thermocouple blocks execute the subsequent diagnostics) - internal fault...
IC660EBA024 Genius IO IC660EBA024 features: Six 4-to-20 mA analog circuits, 4 inputs and 2 outputs, Isolated...
IC660EBA025 The Genius IO IC660EBA025 offers Dedicated Bus Switching Module control, CPU Redundancy, software...
IC660EBA026 Genius IO IC660EBA026 has the following - (no user calibration required), Six 4-to-20 mA analog...
IC660EBA027 Genius Block
IC660EBA100 IC660EBA100 (Block 115Vac Analog 4 Inputs / 2 Outputs) - Outline: Output Analog Block can accept...
IC660EBA101 GE Genius IO IC660EBA101 has these specifications: alarm thresholds, RTD resistance, Alpha type,...
IC660EBA103 Thermocouple Input Block - Genius IO IC660EBA103 has...block with six input circuits, interface...
IC660EBA104 Current Source Analog I/O - IC660EBA104: interfaces a controller to devices. Inside the unit are:...
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