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Genius I/O
GE Genius I/O Blocks are a distributed I/O system for Bus Controllers including blocks such as IC660BBA100 IC660BBA101 IC660BBA104 IC660BBA106 IC660BBA020


Product Number Description
IC660TBD025 Terminal Assembly for IC660T IC660TB IC660TBD
IC660TBD024 Terminal Assembly for IC660T IC660TB IC660TBD
IC660TBD023 Terminal Assembly for IC660T IC660TB IC660TBD
IC660TBD022 Terminal Assembly for IC660T IC660TB IC660TBD
IC660TBA106 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA106 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBA
IC660TBA105 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA105 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBA
IC660TBA104 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA104 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBA
IC660TBA103 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA103 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBA
IC660TBA101 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA101 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBA
IC660TBA026 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA026 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBA
IC660TBA025 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA025 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBA
IC660TBA024 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA024 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBA
IC660TBA023 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA023 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBA
IC660TBA021 Terminal Assembly for IC660BBA021 IC660T IC660TB IC660TBA
IC660MPH509 Hand-Held Monitor Standalone Connector Kit IC660M IC660MP IC660MPH
IC660HHM501 IC660HHM Hand-Held Monitor with Cable & Charger IC660H IC660HH IC660HHM
IC660HHC005 Genius Interface Hand Held Monitor Cable IC660HHC005 IC660HHC00 IC660HHC0 IC660HHC IC660H
IC660EPM100 PowerTRAC, 115Vac/125Vdc Power IC660E IC660EP IC660EPM
IC660ELB931 PCI interface card for Genius LAN interface IC660E IC660EL IC660ELB
IC660ELB906 PCIM Module and S/W Drivers IC660E IC660EL IC660ELB
IC660EBS103 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBS103 IC660E IC660EB IC660EBS
IC660EBS102 Electronic Assembly for IC660BBS102 IC660E IC660EB IC660EBS
IC660EBS101 Ph B 115Vac/125Vdc IC660E IC660EB IC660EBS
IC660EBR101 Electronic Assembly for IC660E IC660EB IC660EBR
IC660EBR100 Electronic Assembly for IC660E IC660EB IC660EBR


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