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GE Fanuc Series 90-70

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Series 90-70
Our shelves are loaded with GE 90-70 modules. Same day shipping, technical support and 24 Hour Repair is available on all GE 90-70 PLC Parts - 3 year warranty.


Product Number Description
44A749939-001 S6PI0 MODULE
IC687BEM744 FIP Bus Controller IC687B IC687BE IC687BEM
IC697ACC701 Quantity of 2 batteries per Package Battery Lithium 3V 1400MAH IC697A IC697AC IC697ACC
IC697ACC721 Rack Fan
IC697ACC724 Rack Fan
IC697ACC744 90-70 Rack Cooling Fan Assembly 24 VDC
IC697ADC701 90-ADS Cimplicity Series 90-70 PLC
IC697ALG230 Analog Input, Voltage/Current, 8 Channels
IC697ALG320 Analog Output, Voltage/Current, 4 Channels
IC697ALG321 Analog Input 90-70 IC697ALG32 IC697ALG3 IC697ALG IC697AL IC697A
IC697ALG440 The analog system IC697ALG440 provides you with a base converter and expander components. 16...
IC697ALG441 IC697ALG441 - a system that can receive of around 120 inputs. This component also has a fast...
IC697ALG444 GE Fanuc 16 Channels, Analog Input Expander, Gold plated terminal
IC697BEM711 I/O Bus Receiver IC697B IC697BE IC697BEM
IC697BEM713 Bus Transmitter FOR I/O EXPANSION IC697B IC697BE IC697BEM
IC697BEM721 I/O Link Interface Module for the Series 90-70 IC697B IC697BE IC697BEM
IC697BEM731 Series 90-70 Genius I/O Bus Controller
IC697BEM733 Series 90-70 Genius Remote I/O Scanner
IC697BEM734 Alspa Bus Controller I/O
IC697BEM735 Alspa Remote I/O Scanner
IC697BEM741 FIP Bus Controller IC697B IC697BE IC697BEM
IC697BEM761 I/O Interface for Series Six IC697B IC697BE IC697BEM
IC697BEM763 DLAN Drive Interface IC697B IC697BE IC697BEM
IC697BEM764 Series 90-70 BEM764 Interface Drive DLAN VME 9070 Board Card VME PLC Communication IC697
IC697CGR772 Hot Standby Genius Dual Bus CPU, 486DX4, 2K Discrete I/O, 512K byte fi xed user memory, Floating Pt.


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