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Series 90-70
Our shelves are loaded with GE 90-70 modules. Same day shipping, technical support and 24 Hour Repair is available on all GE 90-70 PLC Parts - 3 year warranty.


Product Number Description
IC697CHS783 Integrators Rack, 17 Slot Front Mount IC697C IC697CH IC697CHS
IC697MDL640 125 Volts dc Input (16) IC697M IC697MD IC697MDL
IC697MDL253 24 Volts ac Input (32) IC697M IC697MD IC697MDL
IC697MDL650 24 Vdc Input, Positive Logic (32 Pt) IC697M IC697MD IC697MDL
IC697CMM742 Ethernet Inferface for Series 90-70, Type 2. The CMM742 no longer supports the AAUI/AUI...
IC697CPU731 CPU, 12 MHz, 512 Discrete I/O, Fixed Memory (32K Bytes)
IC697PCM711 Programmable Coprocessor
IC697VDD100 64-Channel Isolated Digital Input Board
IC697PWR748 DC Only Power Supply, 48 Vdc, 90 Watts IC697P IC697PW IC697PWR
IC697PWR711 Power Supply, 120/240 Vac,125VDC, 100 Watts
IC697CMM711 Communications Coprocessor, CCM, RTU, SNP, and SNPx Protocols
IC697CPU732 CPU, 12 MHz, 512 Discrete I/O, Fixed Mem (32K Bytes), Floating Pt
IC697CPU771 CPU, 12 MHz, 2K Discrete I/O, Expandable Memory
IC697PWR713 AD/DC Power Supply 120/240VDC 100 Watts
IC697CMM741 IC697CMM Ethernet MMS Lan Interface IC697C IC697CM IC697CMM
IC697BEM733 Series 90-70 Genius Remote I/O Scanner
IC697HSC700 A IC697HSC700 is a fast High Speed Counter (HSC) module, it activates rapid pulse signals upwards...
IC697CPU772 CPU, 12 MHz, 2K Discrete I/O, Expandable Memory, Floating Pt
IC697CPU780 CPU Module IC697C IC697CP IC697CPU
IC697CPU781 CPU, 16 MHz, 12K Discrete I/O, Expandable Memory
IC697CPU782 CPU, 16 MHz, 12K Discrete I/O, Expandable Memory, Floating Pt
IC697MEM733 IC697MEM Memory RAM, 256K IC697M IC697ME IC697MEM
IC697MEM717 Memory RAM, 256K Bytes, CMOS IC697M IC697ME IC697MEM
IC697VAL134 Isolated Scanning 12-bit 31-Channel Voltage Analog-to-Digital Converter Board (6U) with...


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